Friday, 27 June 2014

My Project.

Man with a van van. Time to start getting this thing a little ready for some autumn action. With a bit of luck the good lady will let me take a few days and head to Brittany and cruise the North Coast this Autumn. For the price of a ferry crossing with a bike and about £20 quid in fuel I reckon that one hell of an adventure can be had. The board racks are on order and waiting to be fabricated and the board for the trip will be ordered from Jools at Gulf Stream this weekend.

A few years back I took local grommet John Buchorski to Lacanau for a Pro Junior competition and on the way back up to Roscoff we had a couple of days to kill so we spent them going up and down what seemed like an  eternal maize of tracks out to the North Coast. We came across a couple of waves and have all promised myself to go back and take a look with a little more time.

A couple of years after that I spent three weeks around the Bay de Trepasse, St Tujon and Audierne surfing some great waves and eating some splendid French cuisine. Brittany is a very special place so to head back and see it on a bike with a board and some time will be my own little "bang on trend, everyone seems to be doing it" adventure!!!

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