Sunday, 6 July 2014

Nice Rack

A big thank you to R Johns Fabrication in Newlyn, Cornwall for the custom surfboard racks. I've been looking everywhere for some and the only option are the Carver racks but they just don't seem to look like they would come anywhere near capable of supporting anything longer that 6ft. Not that I want to take a log any further than my local beach but the option would be nice.

The board in the picture is my 8'2" Wild West Shooter from Jools at Gulf Stream Surfboards and fits like a glove. I've had the racks made wide enough to take two boards and so far so good, they just need strapping in well. When my new 7'4" Tracker inspired mid length arrives from Jools then this will just about top off the stoke level.

These racks are fully removable with just 6 bolts in total but a couple of quirky little design features to stop twist or movement, these racks are solid. If these are the rustic prototypes then we may have to keep a look out for the real thing in the future.

Well thats the first part done on the Van Van, now for a chunky front tire and a drinks cabinet and we're on our way to adventure..The Beckoning Road lies ahead, albeit when my good lady and work commitment allow!! Keep checking in for the first road trip soon.

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